The article below was in Tuscarawas County Recycling News.

Sparta Steel provided all the metal for the sculpture mentioned in this article.

"Artist Transforms Trash into Treasure"

Tuscarawas County Recycling News

In May 2016, "Orion" was unveiled in New Philadelphia's downtown square (on the corner in from of the House of Stones). Built out of scrap metal and steel and pieces of colored glass from bottles and jars, Orion is the latest effort to beautify the downtown, Orion, a tribute to the historic carousel in Tuscora Park, was created by New Philadelphia native Patrick Buckohr.

Patrick got his start in sculpting from recycled materials when the Slesnick family asked him to make a dragon out of scrap metal. After that, ArtsinStark was looking form someone to sculpt a series of eight animals from recycled materials, and he was chosen.

All the metal materials in Orion came from Sparta Steel in East Sparta, and all of the glass was obtained through friends, family, and others in the area. "I put out a call for materials on Facebook asking for donations, and the community delivered."

"This artist took those materials and created the most incredible work of art that will literally transcend generations," said Alan Rodriguez, owner of the House of Stones. Alan spearheaded the project in cooperation with the New Philadelphia Rotary and City of New Philadelphia officials. Rodriguez hopes Orion will inspire the residents of New Philadelphia to do their part to make the downtown a better, more vibrant place. "It's a piece of art so significant that anyone who comes along now strives to do something just as great," he said.

And in the end, that's what Patrick wanted. When people look at the sculpture, he doesn't want them to think of the fact that it is made of recycled content. "I want them to think of it as good art first," he said but added "Recycling is important, though. I wish more people would do it."


March 3, 2016

The article below was in The Press-News on February 19,2016.

" 'steel is our product, service is our business' at sparta steel "

by Tesa Strasser

The Press-News

Sparta Steel in East Sparta has stepped up and provided individualized service to accommodate the economic growth of the area.

Great Service is nothing new for this company founded in 1949 by Kenneth Rainsburg. Service is what sets it apart which is why its slogan is "Steel is our product. Service is our business".

Services offered by Sparta Steel include shearing, CAD burning and drawing, forming , plate burning, saw cutting, galvanizing and fabricating. 

They sell galvanized, stainless, aluminum and bronze sheeting, as well as pipe and plate steel. The sheeting can be cut to size. Rebar, angle iron and I-beams for new construction are also available. They specialize in carbon steel but also offer aluminum and stainless per request. Just about any steel product or service is available at this location.

Part of the company's strength is the diversified customer base. They are more than pleased to extend that base to facilitate the needs of oil-and-gas producers, who sometimes "need it now!"

Safety is a number one priority at Sparta Steel. "Each of our employees' number on job is to go home safely to their families at the end of the day," said president Morris Rainsburg. Tina Cappello, secretary/treasurer of Sparta Steel, refers to their 40 employees as family. Her father, David Rainsburg, a Magnolia resident, retired from this company three years ago. He and his wife, Teresa, still help out occasionally at the family company when needed.

Their fleet of about 20 trucks makes deliveries to job sites and businesses in a 100-mile radius of their location, including the tri-state area of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Vice President Billy Rainsburg expressed their pride in keeping the vehicles looking great. "We are thankful they can all be parked inside at night. Some of them are old, but paid for. They are traveling billboards for our company."

A few years ago, Sparta Steel has invested $300,000 into the business in the form of an addition to a warehouse building and the purchase of a new plasma steel cutting machine. This huge machine cuts steel up to five inches thick into high definition programmed shapes.

The Sparta Steel complex now includes five large buildings and two smaller structures, one of which is a break room for the employees. 

The company is supportive of the community they live in., especially opportunities in the filed of education, which they consider a high priority.

Kenneth Rainsburg founded this business shortly after returning from serving in WWII and his son, Dave, joined him in the business in 1969 after serving in Vietnam. Morris, Dave's brother , came on board at Sparta Steel in 1970.

Morris and his wife, Jean, have two grown daughters, Angela and Kathy. They have two granddaughters and a grandson.

Billy Rainsburg, a U.S. Air Forc veteran and Dave's son, has two children, Ethan, age 15, and Emerson, age 12. He and his wife, Lauren, live in Dover.

Tina Cappello, an Otterbein University graduate, and her husband, Joe, have a daughter, Izabella, age 15.

Reflecting on the long-time success of the business, President Morris Rainsburg, son of the founder, states he considers himself "very blessed."

Strasser, Tesa "Steel is our product, service is our business' at Sparta Steel" The Press-News [Minerva, OH] Friday, February 19, 2016: Page B3



february 29, 2016

Information about our HiDef Plasma Burning Machine:

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- we can cut stainless steel

- tolerances up to +/-1/32"

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Burning Parts

May 21, 2015

We just installed a new Hem Automatic Feed Production Saw. This will allow us to cut down our processing time for all your required cut sizes. Whether you only need a few cuts or 1000+ pieces, give us a call.

October 22, 2013

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UNVEILING of our new Messer HiDef Plasma Burning Machine


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