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"Artist Transforms Trash Into Treasure"

The article below was in Tuscarawas County Recycling News.

Sparta Steel provided all the metal for the sculpture mentioned in this article.

Tuscarawas County Recycling News

In May 2016, "Orion" was unveiled in New Philadelphia's downtown square (on the corner in from of the House of Stones). Built out of scrap metal and steel and pieces of colored glass from bottles and jars, Orion is the latest effort to beautify the downtown, Orion, a tribute to the historic carousel in Tuscora Park, was created by New Philadelphia native Patrick Buckohr.

Patrick got his start in sculpting from recycled materials when the Slesnick family asked him to make a dragon out of scrap metal. After that, ArtsinStark was looking form someone to sculpt a series of eight animals from recycled materials, and he was chosen.

All the metal materials in Orion came from Sparta Steel in East Sparta, and all of the glass was obtained through friends, family, and others in the area. "I put out a call for materials on Facebook asking for donations, and the community delivered."

"This artist took those materials and created the most incredible work of art that will literally transcend generations," said Alan Rodriguez, owner of the House of Stones. Alan spearheaded the project in cooperation with the New Philadelphia Rotary and City of New Philadelphia officials. Rodriguez hopes Orion will inspire the residents of New Philadelphia to do their part to make the downtown a better, more vibrant place. "It's a piece of art so significant that anyone who comes along now strives to do something just as great," he said.

And in the end, that's what Patrick wanted. When people look at the sculpture, he doesn't want them to think of the fact that it is made of recycled content. "I want them to think of it as good art first," he said but added "Recycling is important, though. I wish more people would do it."

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